Saint Laurent Shoeporn

August 29, 2017

Saint Laurent Opyum (also known as Opium) black 110 pumps 

The return of Yves in its dramatic glory that can’t be mistaken for anything else than Saint Laurent. Vampy yet classic - following last month’s obsession, it has become evident that this summer is high season to revisit 90’s logo mania. To match its mysterious appearance, this shoe has been equally mysterious to hunt down. The social world went into frenzy when the iconic YSL logo made its way back to our hearts last September. However, the shoe that I thought would have achieved a cult status by now, has never made it to the shop floor. Numerous waiting lists and wishlist notifications later, the mystery shoe started to dipp in and out with our favourite online retailers so rapidly that I wonder if the shoes ever made it into the sites (going directly from ‘coming soon’ to ‘sold out’ has me wondering…). Good news is that the shoe has been re-listed and a few last sizes are currently scattered around the web (shop these below) after the first round launched in February. Rumour has it that the model has gone through everything from serious production difficulties to construction problems, but it’s hard to judge the effort of turning a 1961 logo into something that is supposed to support a full bodyweight.


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