08 May 2017, 15:18


The brand that unequivocally sets the tone for fashion’s current obsession with streetwear. 

SS17 collection is entitled ‘Mirror Mirror’, the collection features the details and bold graphics we have come to expect from Virgil Abloh’s cult label. The diagonals print that typifies Abloh’s bold way of delivering graphic designs can be seen in abundance throughout the drop, appearing in their original guise as well as fresh spray paint rendition.

Ever a fan of the unexpected union of art and streetwear, Abloh turns his attention to the works of the Italian artist Giorgio de Chirico for the ‘Mirror Mirror’ collection. Digitally printed to the chest of oversized sweats and hoodys, Chirico’s work is given a new lease of life; one of his most famous works – Melancholia – transported to the street.

Exceptional Italian craftsmanship is apparent throughout the entire collection, from embroidered scorpion motifs sitting to the thighs of shredded jeans to exquisite fern leaves entwining the ‘OFF’ logo.

Make no mistake, this is streetwear in its highest form.





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